Reading List

This page has a list of links that I’ve been meaning to read and haven’t yet or stuff I just want to remember exists. I’m making it public because maybe other people will find these useful too.


Tommy Refenes on How to start Game Programming
How To Build a Game In A Week From Scratch With No Budget
Old article on How to start making games (Good progression of games to make while learning)
Amit’s Game Programming Information (The notes on AI are well regarded and lots of further reading)
Lets build a browser engine


Game Programming Patterns
Implementing a Scripting Engine
Non-Tile based game editor tutorial (Mostly an ad for this guy’s game engine, but need to read more)
Insomniac’s Client/Server Tool Architecture
The Architecture of Open Source Applications High Priority
Semantic Versioning
Microsoft Application Architecture Guide
Lets build a compiler


Business Basics for Engineers
Top F2P Monetization Tricks NEVER DO THESE THINGS


Indie Festival Calendar
GDC Vault: Perfecting your Pitch


Game Design Concepts High Priority
Analyzing the problem of difficulty raised by Chris Crawford’s dragon speech
The Anatomy of Games
Rational Design: The Core of Rayman Origins


Sol’s Graphics Tutorials
David Rousset’s Software Renderer Tutorial
Ben Cloward Tutorial on Normal Maps
Illinois Uni Resource on Anti-Aliased Line Drawing
Overview of Bresenham line drawing algorithms (really good)
Neon Helium Tutorials


Microsoft Matchmaking Reserch
Halo 2 Matchmaking
Guild Wars 2 Matchmaking


Gaffer on Games: Physics
Tuning Canabalt


Using UTF-8 for string representation


Graphana (Could be used for metrics in automated testing)
BMFont – Bitmap Font Generator
Cloc – Count Lines of Code
Intel Architecture Code Analyzer