Why Not Unity?

Posted April 18, 2016 in: Game Development, Programming, Uncategorized

At some point every developer has to make this decision: Write my own engine or use Unity/UE4/Insert Favourite Engine Here. The decision always depends on your past experience. When starting out, many people try to write their own engine and get buried in the sheer volume of new information and problems to solve. When experienced, […]

Relationships and Game Development

Posted July 25, 2013 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

This industry is bad for relationships. It’s hard to maintain friendships outside the industry for certain reasons but romantic relationships are especially difficult. Here are some contributing quirks that I’ve noticed over the years. Meeting Meeting women is difficult. With the gender divide in most studios and the small social circles of many devs, it’s […]

Code Hero: Naive Development in Action

Posted December 14, 2012 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

After reading about the recent blow up over Code Hero, I decided to do a bit of math and lay out why this guy vastly underestimated his costs. “Programmers are not cheap. We were paying $4,000 – $5,000 a month for really great programmers.” First mistake, paying programmers, I’m kidding of course… His mistake was wildly […]

Should I Keep Making Games For A Studio?

Posted December 7, 2012 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

A look at the positive and negative aspects of working for an established game studio, as opposed to going indie or leaving the industry. Disclaimer: This is a programmers perspective, some applies generally. Upsides You know the people you work with love games. In a normal office setting your fellow employees can seem like they’re from a different world. […]

You Have No Choice

Posted February 5, 2012 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

No this isn’t an article about determinism. I recently did some digging through YouTube for advice on writing because I feel it’s a worthwhile skill for a game developer to have. A certain point made by Christopher Hitchens during an interview stuck with me and prompted me to apply it to game development. He basically said that […]

XNA Content Pipeline Explained

Posted July 17, 2011 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

While investigating XNA lately, I’ve gotten stuck learning about the content pipeline a few times. This is a short post to share some good links that I’ve found in trying to make sense of it, and also explain it in a less jargon filled way than the Microsoft docs. The system was a bit confusing […]


Posted February 27, 2011 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

This week I wasn’t able to get anything done at home because I was working a fair amount of overtime, so I figured why not write about it. Overtime is something that most of the game industry tries to avoid, and all too often can’t help. Every project I’ve been on has had some amount […]


Posted February 1, 2010 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

In light of hard times in the industry and having to say goodbye to large groups I’m contemplating the fluidity in the game industry. Does it still exist? How reduced has it become? I remember hearing stories about people jumping around studios like they were looking for the perfect pair of shoes, now people are […]

Becoming a Game Programmer

Posted December 11, 2008 in: Game Development, Uncategorized

Message from 3 years in the future. This is being posted retroactively and pulled over from my old Blogger account. I thought it was still interesting, so enjoy. So, I figured I’d start this up to get a better feeling about my experience actually working as a programmer. I was hired about 9 months ago […]