Creating a Personal Programmer Portfolio

Posted July 7, 2018 in: Programming

The site is currently under construction to make it a much better resource. We can use this development to talk about the design and creation of your very own site. As you’ll see its a bit harder for coders than in web design, but overall very doable.

The first obstacle is having a website at all. You may be tempted to write something from scratch using NodeJS, or ASP.Net or whatever platform you’re familiar with. I decided to stick with WordPress for the moment. Mostly because I’d like to focus on the projects I’ll be sharing than the shell they’ll be presented in. Frankly,  I’d also like to have a better writing platform than I’d have time to build.

To keep a decent amount of control and still learn something/show off my web dev skills, I’ll be building a full theme myself. That means the site will be in various states of broken over the coming weeks. I’ve set a goal to be finished by end of December which will, fingers crossed, be enough time to learn such a massive system and make a pretty set of pages.

Here’s my progress so far:

After the theme is done The next task is gathering all the content. Sifting through any code you are allowed to share and putting it in a public place. I chose to put mine up on GitHub, mostly due to popularity. I always preferred Mercurial but Git seems to have won out and GitHub is the place to be.

Part of building the theme will be allowing those project to shine in the best way possible. That means embedding iframes if possible to be able to run code, or using codepen, having gifs of non web code running. Show don’t tell as much as possible cause that will get attention. I’ll be coming back to update this post as more progress is made and will write new posts for meaty enough portions of the process.

Wish me luck!

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