Posted March 20, 2011

I was recently introduced to Minecraft by a colleague and decided to try it out. Now I’ve invested hours that I’ll never get back into building large elaborate structures. It caused me to miss last weeks post. I’ll be damned if it wasn’t worth it because the game scratches every itch I have for making elaborate models in real life.

Minecraft is a pc game where you enter a randomly generated world and are meant to survive. During the day you gather resources outside, things like wood, pork, and leather, and you construct shelters and whatever you feel like. During the night you need to hide and either mine for minerals and stone, or defend yourself from the monsters that come out in the dark. You can turn off the monsters and just build cool stuff, or get the added tension that death gives to games. You can also play the game multiplayer, which is my favourite part. There’s nothing like co-op to increase a games appeal in my opinion.

The game is available here. It’s currently in beta, meaning there are some bugs with it still. It’s also only $20, and definitely worth the money to support the small team that’s making it. Since its made with java it’ll work on all platforms as well.