Posted February 1, 2010

In light of hard times in the industry and having to say goodbye to large groups I’m contemplating the fluidity in the game industry. Does it still exist? How reduced has it become? I remember hearing stories about people jumping around studios like they were looking for the perfect pair of shoes, now people are on edge. The firings have slowed in the news but companies are still tightening belts, still solidifying their core teams and products. The ones that will make them the money to become adventurous again. At the same time there are so many small companies that I read about. Sub five person teams turning out gold. Not sure if its fool’s gold or not as I don’t know if they make money.

I wonder sometimes about the situation of someone quitting before a firing round. If that person finds out, do they feel glad that they saved someones job? Also, I think about the morale decline that takes place and how much it hurts to let people go when you don’t want to, but have to. It’s a sadistic person that enjoys that scenario. Those left behind that have no seniority wonder if they were next or on the block. I think strong management can cope with that issue.

At the end of the day people come and go and find other places to grow and be happy. I think the industry is going to be stronger, and things will become more flexible.